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Bayard division internationale • ZI - 4 avenue Lionel Terray - BP 47 • F-69881 Meyzieu cedex
Phone: +33-437-4424-24 • Fax: +33-437-4423-00 • E-Mail:

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 Specialist in gates and butterfly valves, post fire hydrants, fluid control, joint connectors for pipelines, and in pipe connections, we supply a full range of equipment designed to cover all requirements, from the production of fresh water to domestic metering units.


Our ranges cover all your requirements for cut-off and butterfly valves, connecting pieces, control valves, fire protection and pumping equipment, air valves, and backflow preventers.



BAYARD / TALIS is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and guarantees that its products comply with current international standards and national sanitary standards.


BAYARD division internationale
ZI - 4 avenue Lionel Terray - BP 47
69881 Meyzieu cedex - France


+33 (0)4 37 44 24 24
+33 (0)4 37 44 23 00

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