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TALIS Product Portfolio

Now the forces are combined

Our brands, all of which have been established for decades are joint as TALIS on the international market.

In this way, we can provide probably the most comprehensive range of products for the water and sewage market.. With well over 100.000 items, from small air valves to the huge DN 3600 butterfly valves, TALIS has the right product for every job.

For our customers this new concept also means that as of now they are looked after a joint field service and only have to speak to one qualified contact to discuss all their questions relating to our products. This makes the acquisition of valves faster, simpler and therefore more cost-effective.

In addtion, all the sites of the companies will serve as regional service centres for the technical support of regional customers. The experts at TALIS are therefore locally for our customers, wether it is for qualified technical advice before buying or for assembly or service after installation.