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LLC TALIS - Russian Sales Office TALIS Group • Prishvina str., 8, korpus 2 • 127549 Moscow, Russia
Phone: +74-95-6463495• Fax: +74-95-6463495• E-Mail:

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 LLC TALIS is the technical consulting and business devolopment office of the TALIS group in CIS. With headquarters in Moscow, we support our end-customers with the selection, implementation and sourcing of the TALIS equipment.


LLC Talis comprehends all reputable brands within our group working closely with the end customer to choose the optimal solution amongst the widest range of valves and accessories for the water and sewage industry. 

We also provide logistic support to ensure that the products reach their end-destination, being the link between our factories in Western Europe and the end customers all through the CIS.



We support our partners on the promotion and education on the latest technologies used on our production by participating in seminars and congresses as well as participating in events organized by the associations of Vodokanals.

We carry out on-site studies of specific pipelines, water treatment plants, pumping stations, etc. to analyze concrete problems and recommend the most convenient solution on each case.

Our highly qualified team is at your service to prepare and provide documentation necessary to comply with certifications and approvals required.


Prishvina str., 8, korpus 2
127549, Moscow



+74 95 64 63 49 5
+74 95 64 63 49 5

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