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TALIS – Your choice in waterflow control

TALIS is first choice when it comes down to water valves and services. Water is our most important resource. Today more than ever before. Both for industry and private households.

With 9 strong brands, TALIS offers a comprehensive range of valves and services for the whole water cycle. From water recuperation to communal water distribution. From water transport to sewage treatment. With more than 20,000 products, TALIS has the most varied range on the market. You can find the right solution for every application here. From hydrants to gigantic butterfly valves. We never lose sight of our customers’ requirements. We are backed by long years of experience, global competence and our innovative strength. These have helped us set milestones in our market again and again during the long history of our brands. This experience, and the knowledge related to it, are the basis for new developments and our global success.



TALIS products are certified and optimally matched to the individual markets and requirements.

The worldwide TALIS network also guarantees best local service. Lean processes and synergies between the brands guarantee long-term added value.


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